Shayne Davidson Biography

Shayne Davidson at TSU

Shayne Davidson is an illustrator and genealogist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A retired medical illustrator, Davidson now completed several projects using her love of history and art including her book: Civil War Soldiers: Discovering the Men of the 25th United States Colored Troop. The book is a collection of genealogical research of the men who served in the 25th regiment, Company G of the United States Colored Troops. Her art exhibit, Seventeen Men, illustrates these men in full color along with brief  biographies. 

Inspiration for the project came about from a tiny photo album owned by William Augustus Prickitt, the captain of Company G during the Civil War. Beside each postage stamp-sized photograph was the soldier’s name. Davidson found the tiny photo album when helping Aneita Gates, the great granddaughter of William Prickitt, form a family tree, the great granddaughter of William Prickitt. 

Davidson, Dark, and FNDP

Of the men depicted in the album, there are three men who have connections to Tennessee. John Walls lived near Memphis. Private James Tall was born in Murfreesboro who likely had a connection to Fort Negley. Born in Pennsylvania,  Corporal Solomon Frister later settled in Nashville, and he is buried at Mt. Ararat Cemetery. Davidson was able to connect with descendants both of Frister and Tall.

Shayne Davidson Biography